'I’ve never met a woman who I fell in love with that didn’t love everything about me at the beginning, and didn’t love anything about me in the end.' HAPPY from the short story All the Way to the End of the Street

I think most everyone would say: ‘I’ve come a long way from where I started.’ We’re all time travellers, for sure, and as the decades roll on we accumulate stuff and things, and life grows on us, like a fungus, but we keep moving — around new corners, through new twists and turns, through sliding doors. Always moving. Time does that to you. And space… I love the idea that when leaving the earth’s atmosphere (if only in one’s mind) that time and space, in the sense of movement, become one and the same thing. It suggests, in essence, there’s a oneness to everything, and we are all ‘it’. The fact is, no matter where we come from or where we think we belong, we’re all cruising in the same boat.

I grew up just one hundred meters or so from the Pacific Ocean in a place called Cronulla in Sydney, Australia. I could hear the surf at night as I lay in bed. I could taste the salt in the wind. I remember the awful surfboard rashes, the urchin spikes lodged in my feet, the blistering sunburn, the magic of high-tide mornings and the shore-breaks that spun and flipped us like a washing machine. Ha…! But that was forever ago. I don’t surf anymore (I was quite shit at it, anyway) and the sun comes at different angles where I am now. It was a beautiful woman, and then later, the most adorable children, that brought me to, and kept me in, Stockholm, Sweden. A tree takes to new soil. A tree takes new root. Human beings are nothing if not resilient. We haven’t evolved thus far without being able to adapt. It’s a miracle, isn’t it? The truth is, I have few regrets (all to do with devastating love affairs) and I have been lucky to land in this accommodating country, full of pine and birch trees, falu-red houses, chilly lakes and breathtaking golden autumns. It’s not bad. It’s not bad at all.


Art, music and books have underlined pretty much everything I have strived towards. But it’s been a long journey, to get to a place where I would call myself a writer. Lots of reading: Dostoyevsky, Chekov, Strindberg, Hamsum & Orwell. And the obsessions: Miller, Proulx, Plath, Salter & McCarthy. It’s impossible to tie a logical line between them – just the wanderings of a curious, insatiable mind. However, it’s probably more modern authors – McCann, Doyle, Ellis and Hornby – that have influenced my work. It’s not that I wouldn’t want to write like Cormac McCarthy or James Salter, it’s just that I can’t. Who can?


What would the world be without music? And what a mystery it is. My two greatest sources of musical passion stand at the summit of two very different mountains: Miles Davis at the top of mount Jazz, and Bob Dylan at the top of modern popular music (Yes, I would rename that mountain if I could find better words). So much to say about this subject but there is never enough space and what vocabulary would I use anyway? Read my debut novel ‘So Very Mental’ and you will get an idea of my musical taste. (And don’t forget to check out my Spotify playlists, which I will put up to align with my written works).


Okay, not much more to say before I bore the pants off anyone brave enough to have gotten this far, but I feel I have to let this one out of the bag. I’m also a massive and tragic, die-hard Arsenal fan. (Anyone who’s read ‘So Very Mental’ will have figured this out.) I watch all of their matches (some to my great misfortune) and, well, they’re in my blood. What can I say? (Don’t hate me Spurs fans… Truly… some of my best mates support Spurs…)


What more to say. I’ve been a printer, a graphic designer, a teacher and, most recently, I have worked as an executive in the film industry. (Like I always say, you never know where you’re going to end up – in my case, this is especially true when it comes to work). I’m still dabbling in the film industry and enjoying it, but my big goal is to make this lark called writing my thing…


Here I am and this is what I do. As said, I’ve come a long way from where I started, but we start anew every day, don’t we? All we can do is stay humble and strive for love and understanding. Me? I can’t wait to start a new story. I can’t wait for the coming chapter… 


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